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  • Add: Guo village, Yu County, Yangquan City, Shanxi Province, China

    Tel/Fax: (86) 353-8110999

About us
  • Yuxian JinGangYu Fracturing Proppant Co.,Ltd  (JGY) was established in August 2008, has fixed asset of USD 15 million and 170 employees. JGY has 4 Rotary production lines with annual productivity up to 100,000 MT.

    JGY has highly automatic and efficient production lines including crushing, ball-milling, pelletizing, screening, sintering, homogenizing and packaging. Thanks to the massive reserve of raw material in the vicinity of our facility, JGY developed our own ball milling and automatic batching system which enabling JGY to start Quality Control works from the very beginning. JGY has 3 labs: in the raw material lab, we use Spectrum analyzer instead of traditional wet chemical testing which could avoid human’s errors; our production control and final product labs run 24-hour per day to make sure production and outbound shipments keep going smoothly. Furthermore, JGY invented the first automatic pelletizers in China which can increase our capacity tremendously, but also ensure our products with better physical properties and stability in term of quality. 

    Another advantage is that JGY has full line of products of Light weight, Intermediate strength and High strength ceramic proppants so we could meet different requirements from customers. 

    JGY has been listed as Top 5 exporters in China for years and our products are widely recognized by various major Oil & Gas Services companies in the world and we have exported our products to more than 20 countries. 

    Every single particle of Ceramic Proppant contains JGY’s commitment to customers !

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Add: Guo village, Yu County, Yangquan City, Shanxi Province, China
Tel/Fax: (86) 353-8110999 E-mail: